Wouter Springer

(Upcoming) exhibitions, art fairs, performances


March 31 - May 4:

Onlive 2 Society - Galerie Alphen Art / STA-ART, Alphen a/d Rijn

April 7 - no end date yet: SMAAK, Rotterdam

March 16 - April 15: War for Breakfast, Galerie Neck of the Woods (Art Central Rotterdam XL), Rotterdam

Past exhibitions, art fairs, performances


701 - Werklicht (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam

Maxi & Mini - Kobalt & Co. (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam


Toksjoo op Zuid - Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam

HPLEE Expo - Café Hensepeter, Rotterdam (with Kazuma Eekman)

Hella de Boo en de Urban Sketchers - Nivon/Karmijn, Rotterdam

(during) Vino Kilo vintage kilo sale, Rotterdam (SOLO)

Wezens - Nivon/Karmijn, Rotterdam (with Alien Smid)

Kralingeroord in beeld - Galerie Kralingen, Rotterdam

Onlive - Galerie Alphen Art / STA-ART, Alphen a/d Rijn

No Taboo - Bookmark Collective/SodaFabriek, Schiedam

Tirana Art Colony - Galeria e artit Tiranë, Albania

Pakje Kunst pakt uit - Schoonoord Studio's, Rotterdam

Metertje stoep art sale - Schoonoord Studio's, Rotterdam

Art in Action - KunstSalon, (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam

WNDRLND NO.3 - SPOONK Art Cantina, Leeuwarden

(during) Vino Kilo vintage kilo sale, Eindhoven (SOLO)

Comics, arts & beer - Rotown, Rotterdam


The Colorfield Performance - Park Lingezegen, Elst

Kunstroute Kralingen/Crooswijk, Rotterdam

Karmijn in de Markthal - Karmijn, Rotterdam

Diversity in Art - Karmijn (Rotterdam Art Week), Rotterdam

Poëzie als Zeewind, Middelharnis

Publieke Werken - Maastunnel, Rotterdam


Comics, arts & beer - Rotown, Rotterdam


My study Journalism (CHS Windesheim, Zwolle, 2010) did not fit who I am, but I believe you have to finish what you started. So, after I got my degree I explored the creative industry. I produced branded content television programs, directed short movies and I have written two books. In 2018 I met fine arts. I realized drawing and painting creates silence in my head. 

It happens that I converge this work with other media, like with film/video, photo or animation. That's how I created audiovisual installations, which are shown in Berlin, Liège, Lille, Leipzig and Rotterdam - usually by participating in the Kino community

Beside fine arts I am a Dutch writer. This website is ment to exposure my fine arts. Are you interested in my work? Would you like to corporate? Don't hesitate to contact me.